Coho Salmon

The Coho salmon has many different colors such as steel-blue to slightly green on the back; bright silver on the side with many black dots; and white on the stomach. Some of the common names for the Coho are silver salmon, sea trout, or bluebacks. Coho's in the Midwest usually range from 11-30 inches and 3-10 pounds on average. If you would catch a Coho over that it's a nice fish. That makes it easier to catch with lures if you don't have any live bait. Coho's usually spawn at the age of three. These fish like other salmon die after their spawn unlike trout. To catch these fish while spawning you have to use a careful presentation and it will takes many numerous casts. If you do both of them two things you will catch a fish. The best time to fish for Coho is in the spring time. You can find these fish in the suspended shallows. These fish stay closer to the surface and shalower waters unlike the chinook. This makes it easier for the peir fisherman to catch these fish. You can catch these fish from shore or peirs. These fish can be 50-150 feet away from shoe at the closest. When you get a Coho on, they will frequently jump.


Best Lures

1. Cleos

2. Trolling Spoons

3. Mepps Syclopes

4. Spinners(1-4)

5. Plastic Shads


Live Bait

1. Shinners

2. Nightcrawlers

3. Chubs

4. Spawn Sacks

5. Crawfish


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